Crossfit Lock 60 is a strength and conditioning facility located in the heart of beautiful downtown Phoenixville Pennsylvania. With over 20 years of combined experience in both coaching and programming, our approach to health and fitness has helped to develop individuals, athletes, and teams alike to reach their full potential through constantly varied functional movements at high intensity. Our training methods produce undisputed, tangible results for all levels of fitness; from children to elite athletes,  and everyone in between.


All Crossfit's function under the same basic underlying principles of what makes Crossfit unique. However, not all Crossfit facilities are created equal. Our program efficiently combines the most effective training methods of weightlifting, gymnastics, and high intensity cardio, emphasizing safety and efficiency of movement with proper technique, to elicit the best results for each individual.  We take time to break down movements and strive to help each member reach their individual goals and get better every day. We take great pride in seeing our members relish in their success and accomplishments. We break down barriers through hard work and pushing the limits only we set for ourselves.


With a strong community at the heart of our program, you are never alone at Crossfit Lock 60. Together we sweat, we expose weaknesses, and we get stronger... together. We are Crossfit Lock 60.



Our Coaches

Daniel Krueger


  • CrossFit L1 Certified Trainer
  • Obstacle Racer
  • Spartan SGX
  • Weight Lifter

Dan Krueger has been competing in Spartan Races and CrossFit competitions since 2011. Dan is a complete health and fitness enthusiast who spends his time cooking healthy food and CrossFitting with his wife Gretchen and their two children, Mya & Michael. Dan became a certified CrossFit coach in the spring of 2013 loves to share his passion for fitness with his classes. Dan ran his first Ultra-Marathon in August of 2013 followed by a road marathon on his 40th birthday in October 2014. In the past year, Dan has taken six first and two second place finishes in regional CrossFit competitions. Dan is a freelance television producer and marketing strategist.

Michelle Wisla

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • NPTI-CPT (Top of Class) Graduate and Instructor
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association CPT Certified
  • Certified Nutritional Consultant
  • CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Bachelors of Psychology from Lycoming College
  • Secondary Education Certification from Lycoming College
  • Post Graduate work in Applied Sport Psychology from Argosy University
  • 4 year Collegiate Basketball
  • 2011 Mid-Atlantic Regional- Team
  • 2012 Mid-Atlantic Regional- Qualified Individual; Went team (top 10)
  • 2013 Mid-Atlantic Regional- Individual
  • 2016 Mid-Atlantic Regional-Team

Michelle's passion for health and fitness has been a lifelong endeavour. Starting out in youth sports, she later excelled in track and basketball. After high school, she went on to play collegiate basketball at Lycoming in Williamsport, PA, where she held the title of Team Captain her Junior and Senior seasons. Michelle graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and

Secondary Education.


Now as a successful Certified Trainer, General Manager, Nutritional Consultant, and CrossFit Regional competitor (team and individual), Michelle has found her true passion in the sport of fitness.


Michelle strives to provide the best possible training and education through designing and administering structured workouts and programs that aim to improve athletic performance, while reducing the occurrence of injuries. She cares to provide the means by which all develop confidence, discipline, work ethic, and pride in self and program. Michelle believes in fostering a positive training environment to help members override self doubt or perceived limitations to achieve their full potential.

Joe Paolino


  • CF-L1 certified
  • USAW weightlifting sports coach
  • Opex Athlete Camp
  • Crossfit/Olympic weightlifting competitor

Joe got into sports at the age of 5. Playing baseball, ice hockey and riding bmx and dirt bikes. The number one priority growing up was keeping in top physical condition. After graduating from Radnor high school in 2001 hockey and baseball came to an end. Riding dirt bikes, snowboarding, adventure races and hiking/camping took its place. After suffering a serious motorcycle accident rehab was a must. After about a full 6 months at NovaCare it was time he took matters into his own hands. Being no stranger to hard work he climbed the crossfit and Olympic lifting ladder and pushed himself beyond any limits he thought he had, Joe has what it takes to bring out the best in your fitness goals.

Gretchen Krueger


  • CrossFitter, Obstacle Racer, Physical Education Teacher, Runner, Coach
  • CrossFit - L1 certified Trainer
  • CrossFit Kids Certified Trainer
  • Spartan SGX Certified
  • Opex Athlete Camp
  • 2011 – 1st Place Spartan Race, Palmerton PA
  • 2012 – 14th in the world –Spartan Race – 4th for age
  • 2013 – 18th in the world – Spartan Race – 4th for age
  • 2016 – 24th in the world in the CrossFit Open
  • 2016 – CrossFit Games Regional Athlete
  • 2016 – Granite Games Qualifier

Since 2011, Gretchen has competed in Spartan races and CrossFit competitions - winning most. Gretchen trains by running and doing Cross-Fit. In 2015, 40 year old Gretchen, finished 24th in the world in the CrossFit Open qualifying her for the CrossFit Games Regionals. Gretchen finished 35th in the world in the Masters 40-44 year old division and then competed in the CrossFit Games Regionals in Atlanta Georgia on Team Stark Union Forged. Gretchen recently qualified and competed at the Granite Games in Minnesota finishing 10th.


Gretchen competes and wins regularly with her husband Dan. Their two children all participate in CrossFit activities as well as the Spartan races. Gretchen’s philosophy is simple: you have to make time to exercise, and involving your kids in the same activities just makes sense. Gretchen brings the same intensity to her coaching and middle school physical education classes. Inspiring others – to become more fit, to lead a healthier lifestyle, to maximize every minute is the guiding force in Gretchen’s life. She encourages her family, colleagues and students to try new things and to never hold back. “If you think it’s possible, you can do it.”


Sports have always been a part of Sara’s life. Growing up, she enjoyed swimming, playing basketball, tennis, and golf. In college, Sarah was a member of the first women’s golf team at Millersville University located outside of Lancaster, PA. After college, she started playing Ultimate Frisbee, & did weight-lifting at the local gym.


In Spring of 2013, Sarah decided to try Crossfit and was instantly hooked. She became more aware of nutrition and loved the community atmosphere. After a year of Crossfit, she decided she wanted to coach and help and inspire others the same way her coaches had helped her.


Sarah began coaching in 2015 and has been coaching since. Every day she learns something new about others and herself. Besides coaching at Crossfit Lock 60, she enjoys competing in local Crossfit competitions, playing Ultimate Frisbee with her boyfriend, being outside with her dogs, and learning about nutrition. Sarah hopes to continue her fitness journey and attend more seminars about Crossfit and nutrition to continue to help educate herself and others.


Virginia “Gin” McCartney


  • Crossfit L1 certified coach
  • Crossfit Kids certified coach
  • Crossfit competitor
  • OCR athlete
  • Bachelor in Elementary Education/Realtor
  • CPR/ First Aid Certified
  • Former Cross-country runner
  • Spartan World Championship Qualifier 2015

Virginia McCartney began her crossfit journey in March 2013. She became a CF coach in 2015 shortly followed by her CFKids certification. She has strong passion for teaching kids how to live a healthy lifestyle. She and her husband have 5 extremely active children, whom also share the same love for crossfit!


In addition to this sport, she and her husband enjoy anything outdoors, especially in the summer: OCR, building backyard obstacle courses, running , hiking... Virginia loves to share her passion for crossfit with everyone she knows!

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